Sunday, 25 October 2009


I was perusing Marie Claire's ace 10 Best Series and came across their 10 best rings selection. Now my boyfriend doesn't regularly read my blog (tut tut) but just so as not to scare him, these are not hints but just pretty things I like...and would like even more in a couple of years. LOL!

Anyway, aren't these rings gorgeous? Timeless and sparkly and beautiful.

My fave (top pic) is the amazing vintage ring circa 1925. Square cut, packed with diamonds and 1.35 carats worth in total. YUM. Though scarily expensive. Eek!

For any of you lucky ladies getting hitched it seems it's worth looking around for some vintage pieces.

Cool Diamonds Juliet £1913
Goldsmiths Kissing Diamond £2500
Vintage £3700