Sunday, 31 May 2009

Forbes Announces Top Earning Supermodels

Forbes has announced the top earning supermodels of the moment. Some thoughts:

WOW at the sheer size of the gap in earnings between Gisele and the rest of the lovely ladies.

Where is Tyra?? Surely she is so ridiculously rich from ANTM etc that she would blow the rest of the modelling world out of the water?! Madness!

L.o.v.e Vodianova, admittedly partly due to her charity work. I'm a sucker for an oversized cheque...

Miranda Kerr is amazing, you can imagine her as the girl next door as well as Supersexy VS model.

De Paula is becoming more and more editorial which is super exciting.

As for Alessandra Ambrosio - any woman who struts their stuff in a VS fashion show three months after having a bouncing baby is a winner in my book...

Possible favourite face is Doutzen Kroes. Take a look at the pic - she is essentially pure sex coupled with an air of innocence that makes you feel bad about it. Madonna whore complex personified if you will. Lord, even her eyebrows are amazing.

Here is the list in full:

1. Gisele Bundchen $25m

2. Heidi Klum $16m

3. Kate Moss $8.5m

4. Adriana Lima $8m

5. (tie) Doutzen Kroes & Alessandra Ambrosio $6m

7. Natalia Vodianova $5.5m

8. Daria Werbowy $4.5m

9. Miranda Kerr $3m

10. Emanuela De Paula $2.5m

Let me know your

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lacroix Files for Bankruptcy

Despite his infamous silhouette coming back with a (questionable) bang on Madonna's bod at this year's Met Ball, Lacroix has filed for bankruptcy on behalf of his fashion house.

Of course, it seems obvious that in a recession people are not only swapping lunch out for lunch box but pouf sillhouette for topshop tulip skirt.

One gets the sinking feeling that Lacroix may be one of the the first in a considerable line of fashion houses to suffer...

ScarJo Face of Mango

First Daisy Lowe and now ScarJo - Mango are officially on fire. has revealed some exclusive pics of Miss Johansson and she is looking incredible. So good to see three dimensional women continuing to make a comeback - she has personality, guts and drive and isn't ashamed to show them. I heart the Paris Vogue cover above. Amazing.

Mango says: "We have chosen the beautiful actress for her extraordinary personality, which embodies the ideal of the urban independent and cosmopolitan woman Mango wishes to dress. A woman who is serene and elegant, yet fun loving and youthful all at the same time.”

The fashion brand has gone from strength to strength over the past few years and I love that their range is so diverse in both style and price. Whether you are looking for bargain or blowout, Mango is a pretty safe bet.

If Dior hadn't snapped her up, I'd love to see Marion Cotillard as their next brand ambassador. Maybe in 2010...

Karl's Chassé into Ballet

Hallelujah! Two of my favourite things - ballet and Chanel - are due to combine in just a matter of days...

Chanel has announced that Karl Lagerfeld secretly created a costume for The Dying Swan for the English National Ballet's performance at Sadler's Wells in June.

The incredible Miss Glurdjidze will be wearing the outfit and even treated Lagerfeld to a private performance at her final fitting. Oh to be a fly on that wall!

Lagerfeld has revealed himself as a ballet lover, saying he has long been influenced by the costumes of prima ballerinas: "As a child I was already impressed by old images of Anna Pavlova dancing the ballet," he revealed, adding that, "the Ballet Russes were an influence for me".

Judging from the picture I found, he is quite the mover there no end to the man's talents?!

Fellow fashionistas will know that Lagerfeld is not the first designer to pas de bourrée into the world of ballet. Coco Chanel designed costumes for a select group of ballet companies in the 1920s.

Dolly Girl is so ridiculously excited about the prospect of this partnership. I just wish I had tickets to the performance! In fact, I would even happily give up a pair of Galliano shoes for such a privilege...