Sunday, 19 July 2009


I am always a little bit nervous when I'm sent goodies from lovely companies. I promise to always give honest and fair reviews of products so I keep my fingers crossed they are great...

I am pleased to say that on this occasion, Dolly Girl love love loves the goodies in question! The Jergens Naturals range of body moisturisers have been designed to help with a number of common skin worries in women; cellulite, ageing skin and dry skin.

Each of these skin types has its very own moisturiser, always containing at least 95% natural ingredients, with a unique natural ingredient.

My favourite is the Extra Softening Body Moisturiser. Ingredients such as shea butter and yoghurt combine to soothe and soften skin. I'm planning to put this on my legs over summer as it leaves them glowing, silky smooth and ever so slightly glistening - perfect for a night out. The shea butter has a more subtle, less sickly hint of Cocoa Butter about it. YUM.

Speaking of gorgeous smells, the Skin Firming Body Moisturiser contains pomegranete extract that is absolutely divine. The scent is light and feels like a more grown up version of the original Body Shop moisturisers my friends and I used to buy one another every single birthday at school. Ah the memories...!

The yummy Jergens Naturals range is available in Boots and Sainsbury's as well as some supermarkets. Other products in the range include Age Defying Moisturiser with green tea extract and Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser with Jojoba extract. At around £4.99 for a 200ml tube, this is luxury at a high street price.

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