Sunday, 31 May 2009

Forbes Announces Top Earning Supermodels

Forbes has announced the top earning supermodels of the moment. Some thoughts:

WOW at the sheer size of the gap in earnings between Gisele and the rest of the lovely ladies.

Where is Tyra?? Surely she is so ridiculously rich from ANTM etc that she would blow the rest of the modelling world out of the water?! Madness!

L.o.v.e Vodianova, admittedly partly due to her charity work. I'm a sucker for an oversized cheque...

Miranda Kerr is amazing, you can imagine her as the girl next door as well as Supersexy VS model.

De Paula is becoming more and more editorial which is super exciting.

As for Alessandra Ambrosio - any woman who struts their stuff in a VS fashion show three months after having a bouncing baby is a winner in my book...

Possible favourite face is Doutzen Kroes. Take a look at the pic - she is essentially pure sex coupled with an air of innocence that makes you feel bad about it. Madonna whore complex personified if you will. Lord, even her eyebrows are amazing.

Here is the list in full:

1. Gisele Bundchen $25m

2. Heidi Klum $16m

3. Kate Moss $8.5m

4. Adriana Lima $8m

5. (tie) Doutzen Kroes & Alessandra Ambrosio $6m

7. Natalia Vodianova $5.5m

8. Daria Werbowy $4.5m

9. Miranda Kerr $3m

10. Emanuela De Paula $2.5m

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