Tuesday, 8 September 2009


As I typed that I had to double check my facts - how the hell can she be 44 and look like that?!
Absolutely incredible. Looking half her age, Le Bon is the face of Wallis' AW09 collection. She's the kind of natural beauty who looks expensive in whatever she wears, though the Wallis collection is actually really great this season.
I particularly like this military jacket which looks super snug and cosy, an therefore a guilt free winter buy :)

By next year the three mini Le Bons will be 15, 18 and 20 year old girls, all of whom have blossomed into beauties like their mum. Amber, in particular, has made a real name for herself in the modelling world since signing with Models 1. It seems the fashion world's love for a bit of Le Bon is long set to continue, which I think is aces!
Check out http://www.ylb4wallis.com/ for the full collection and to gasp at how young she looks. Ridic.

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